Please email my office to
  find out what my rates are for
  individual and couples sessions. 
  Each session is 50 minutes long.


  Payment is due at the beginning
  of each session unless prior
  arrangements have been made.


  I am not affiliated with any    
  insurance carriers and therefore 
  do not accept any insurance.         Please inquire with your health
  insurance carrier to assess
  whether or not you will be
  reimbursed for services from an
  “out of network provider”.If you
  are covered I will provide you
  with a superbill which you may
  then submit to your insurance
  company directly.

  Cancellation Policy

  I have a 24 hour cancellation
  policy which requires payment in  
  full for any missed or late
  cancelled appointments. 

3685 Motor Avenue
Suite 220
Los Angeles,California 90034

Nicole Ashton, MA, MFT, CSAT, CCPS