Office Location
 822 South Robertson Boulevard
 Suite 303
 Los Angeles, California 90035

 The office is located on the third floor  
 of a brown brick building on the north
 east side of Robertson Boulevard (1.5
 blocks north of Olympic Boulevard).
 Suite 303 is also known as "The Foundry"
 and is listed as such on the building  
 directory located in the lobby. My name 
 will not appear on the building directory.
 Please follow signage for The Foundry to
 access the suite.

 From the east or west: Take the 10 freeway
 to the Robertson exit and follow 
 Robertson north. (the offices will be on
 the right side of the street 1.5 blocks 
 north of Olympic). 

 Metered street parking is available on 
 Robertson and free parking can be located
 on surrounding neighborhood streets. 
 Valet parking is available in the 
 building at the cost of $8/hr. 

Please note I do not validate parking.

822 South Robertson Boulevard
Suite 303
Los Angeles,California 90035

Nicole Ashton, MA, MFT, CSAT, CCPS