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​  Co-Dependence, Self Esteem & Boundaries

Facing Co-Dependence - Pia Mellody
Codependent No More - Melody Beattie
The Self-Esteem Workbook -Glenn Schiraldi 
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, when to say No..
                   -Henry cloud and John Townsend

Anxiety & Depression

From Panic to Power -Lucinda Bassett
Happy for No Reason -Marci Shimoff
Panic Free -Lynne Freeman

Sex Addiction Treatment

• Out of The Shadows:Understanding Sex Addiction 
                                 -Patrick Carnes
The Porn Trap -Wendy Maltz and Larry Maltz
Don't Call it Love - Patrick Carnes
Facing The Shadow - Patrick Carnes
Lust, Anger, Love - Maureen Canning

Partners/Spouses of Addicts

Mending a Shattered Heart - Stefanie Carnes
.   Intimate Treason - Claudia Black, Cara Tripodi
Deceived - Claudia Black
A House Interrupted - Maurita Corcoran
.   Facing Heartbreak - Stefanie Carnes, Mari Lee
Back from Betrayal - Jennifer Schneider
Your Sexually Addicted Spouse -
                   Barbara Steffens & Marsha Means

Female Sex Addicts & Love Addiction

Women, Sex and Addiction - Charlotte Kasl
Facing Love Addiction - Pia Mellody
Is it love or it is addiction?
                               -Brenda Schaeffer


Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind,Body & Brain
                                 - Daniel Siegel 
Trauma and Recovery -Judith Herman


Nicole Ashton, MA, MFT, CSAT, CCPS