Nicole Ashton, MA, MFT, CSAT, CCPS
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 Torri Efron 
 Registered Associate 
Marriage and Family Therapist #83902 

  Born and raised in Los Angeles I quickly 
 became fascinated with the standards of society
 and how they affected ones own development. I 
 gained a bachelors degree in psychology from 
 Loyola Marymount University in 2011. Feeling
 passionately about working with adolescents, I
 spent the next year as a full time volunteer in
 Central Los Angeles at A Place Called Home. I 
 then obtained my masters degree in marriage and
 family therapy from Alliant in 2014, focusing on
 children of undocumented immigrants and looking
 at issues of assimilation and acculturation. 
 Since my time in school I have focused on, and
 specialized in the clinical treatment of eating

  My clinical experience is in group therapy, 
 family therapy, and individual therapy of 
 adolescents and young adults. My experience
 includes school-based treatment, inpatient
 treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, as
 well as in home treatment

  Growing up in Los Angeles has given me a unique
 understanding of what it's like to adapt to such
 a fast-paced environment and the specific
 struggles that come along with it. I'm
 fascinated by the effect different cultures can
 have on one's sense of self and body image. I 
 feel passionately about meeting the client where
 they are at in their journey, and joining in 
 their reality. For me, that often means focusing
 in on the intersection of family of origin
 influences and societal standards.

  I currently treat individuals struggling with
 anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and
 negative body image, as well as family members
 that have been impacted by these disorders. I
 frequently utilize Narrative therapy, Bowenian
 therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and
 Solution Focused therapy. I also implement
 individualized curriculums for negative body
 image and disordered eating. I am trained in
 Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for 
 children and adolescents, Matrix Model for
 addiction, Body Positive psychotherapy, and 
 Non-suicidal self-injury treatment. 

  My professional affiliations include AAMFT,
 CAMFT, Iadep, Psi Chi, and The Body Postive. 
 I offer sessions in both English as well as

Nicole Ashton, MA, MFT, CSAT, CCPS